Louise Hall Inspired Turquoise Eyebrows

I came across this photo (above) on Louise's makeup blog the other day
and I was immediately WOW-ed by it all! 
I love the eyebrows, the eyelashes and most of all,
I liked how the pink tone in the skin pulled together the look.
Strange observations going on there...
I'd been DYEING to use my new Barry M eyeliner [ Pastel Turquoise Review ]
so I did just that and taaa-daaa! (scroll down!)

I didn't use the fake eyelashes (with star confetti stuck on) but instead, 
I did one of my recent black liquid eyeliner techniques using a Collection 2000 eyeliner!
I've got Barry M eyeliner in Patel Turquoise on my eyebrows,
Fraulein eye shadows in peach and pink on my eyelids,
silver eye shadow on my inner tear duct area,
Rimmel eyeliner in White in my waterline
and a Maybelline Collosal mascara!

Would YOU walk around with colored eyebrows on?!


dongala (wanderer) said...

and i so wanna get my makeup done from you...
any possibility of you coming to nepal??



dolkar! i might be coming to nepal this summer but its a very small chance that i might hehehe! buttt when i come to nepal, we should meet up!