Review [Barry M BLUSHER #Bl2 Rose]

This is my first ever blusher by Barry M! 
I've been looking for a rosy pink blusher for a while now
and I think I've found the one.
Barry M comes in lots of different shades [link] for all skin types
I really did not know which one to go for.
So many choices to make!

At the end, I went for this shade called Bl2 Rose
which is a rosy pink shade with blue undertones.


Barry M's packaging is mostly playful meets sophisticated
and this packaging is no different. I'm liking the pretty black floral
against the black and the colorful blusher.
You get a little brush in the case but I doubt anyone will want ever use it.

You can apply the color lightly on the skin for a flush of pink
of you can be daring and apply a larger amount for a bright pink glow.
Above, I've lightly feathered the color onto my skin for a flush of pink and I wore this
for a day out and it required a second application after 7 hours or so.

The blusher comes at an affordable price of £4.59 for 7g.

Overall, I'm liking Barry M's blushers and I think I might opt for the other orange shaded
blushers next time. Totally in love with it! Not a bad word to be said here!


Paperbacks and Postcards said...

7 hours is pretty good for a blusher! This is such a pretty colour too! X


it really is! it was a windy, horrible day aswell! but the blusher did well :D thankyou for your comment :))

Debbie said...

This colour looks amazing on you! Love your eye makeup! x


aww thanks debbie! so kind of you :') x