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This blog right here called Crooked Sister has some pretty useful stuff in there. Amongst all the little quirky stuff she posts about, I came across this review she wrote on these installations at the New York City Opera by E. V. Day. The artist has used old costumes and revived them with this oh-so quirky twist and I love it!

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All the costumes are being suspended using fish-wire and I can't help but reminisce back a few weeks when I was visiting 'Aware: Art Fashion Identity' at London's Royal Academy and I saw a dress installation which was suspended aswell!



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Helen Storey 'Say Goodbye', 2010

"Formerly a fashion designer, Storey has more recently investigated how science, art and fashion might come together in leading the way for a more sustainable future. These dresses form part of her research into biodegradable materials: the research into biodegradable materials: the enzyme-based textile will dissolve over time at it comes into contact with water. They also comment on contemporary society's desire for a plentiful supply of clothing."

A dress made up of dissolvable plastic? Hanging in thin air (with some fish-wire ofcourse) waiting to be dipped and dissolved forever? I think I likes.

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