Fundraising some cash for the fashion show!

The last time I baked some scrummies was back when I was in my "teen years". (I just made myself sound so old, but no, I've only just recently left my teen years, thankyou very much)
But, yes, I bought myself some ingredients from the ever so convenient Tescos, and started baking about 9pm at night- a very bad idea.

Anywhoos, the cupcakes turned out good, nice and fluffy and lush!
So I got giddy and took out my ready made icings- Vanilla and Chocolate fudge, more lushness.
I love sprinkles and pretty deco edible stuffs. They're cute AND edible, cant get much better than that really!


I LOVED decorating the cakes! I think I enjoyed eating them more though *cheesy grin*!
Eventually we sold them the next day alongside LOTS MORE CAKE! the others had made and brought in. Two whole tables of cake. YUMMILLICIOUS GALORE AT UCA!
Some talented girlies made some jewellery too and I love these pearl necklaces and the scrabble rings! I bagged myself one of the rings but couldn't resist myself from buying two more for my two sisters ! Only £2.50 each- score!

In total, we raised
*drumroll* ............. £134+
We're now going to be using the amounts towards promoting the fashion show as a very prestigious event *cheesy grin yet again* and we're also going to have goody bags at the show, how exciting!


laxmi said...

Yummmm Yummm I really want to eat cupcakes now and even more because I am here sat in a computer room in this early hours. need some sugar to get me pumping. hehe Well good luck for your fashion show and I can't wait to see the pictures. xoxo


Well if i could send you some then ofc I would have :p but thankyou! ill surely update my blog assoonas the fashion show happens :D xxx