My first ever Logo!

So I got asked to cook up a new logo for this group who call themselves
" We first started as Event Organizer but gradually, our whole concept is changing in our aims and objectives what we set up first. Now, We are working with others groups and teams , getting more involved in the society. "

I have never been asked to do anything of this sort before so I started off by looking for some Logo making softwares but the thing is, I wanted to produce something organic, so I got my pens and paper out and started scribbling some ideas down.

This is the first draft I sketched out freehand. I was obviously not so happy with it- the whole design is wonky and the lines are jaggered and its colourless.

So I added some acrylic paint on the top of the block letters. As you can see, the letter "n-9" are painted in just one colour but I wanted a shiny surface, like the one on the letter "Z".

This was my initial design. Very roughly done and sketchy. I knew I needed to work on it- a lot!

So I cut out the letter "Z" because I realised that the letters after it looked absolutely ridiculous and pointless, just sitting there like empty brained eggheads.

I also played around with tilting the image to give it a more 3D feel and guess what I realised?!

If you rotate the letter "Z" anti-clockwise 90° it is in actual fact the letter "N" !!!

So then I had some more ideas so I drew up this additional letter seperately and added it onto the big "Z".

So basically after adding the two seperate images together, a little bit of computer editing, I was able to create...

I was very happy with it so I presented the group with this design but they wanted it a bit more BLACK AND WHITE. So whilst I was busy altering the image for the last time, I thought I should just go full on and completely computerise this image.

My "organic" piece of image.. completely computerised on Photoshop. Many might even be able to guess how its been edited so I don't consider this a really first class logo or neither do i consider it one of my major masterpieces but I am incredibly proud of myself for the process its gone through from a simple hand drawn idea, to a logo which a group of people want to use to represent themselves with.

The final design.

I would like to thank everybody for their kind help of criticising the images during the process because without the criticisms, I don't think I would have done this well.


Kali said...

oii AMA nicelyyy done i likesss

Retardbook said...


We loved your work.
It would be wonderful if you also help design a Logo for us.


thankyou kali :)
and RETARDBOOK, if you are being serious then why not!

laxmi said...

Hi Chimmi
I had no idea that you did this logo for Zone9. Good work!

sareeta said...

i had no idea either that u had done logo for them. I like it :)