Foundation Year- 2nd Project- Insects

In this Insect project, we have all been split up into groups to make teams of people encorporating different talents. I am in a group with Jenny, Patti and Amy. With Jenny's interest in silhouettes and Patti's interest in embroidery, this amazing dress was designed and produced in the space of just one week!

Amy used her past knowledge on photography and was able to be involved in a lot of the technical side of the photoshoot when we had three photographers assigned to us from the Lens Based Media department.
I got involved in the Promotion side of the Project and as a group of learner promoters, we've been generating ideas inorder to make this Fashion Show at the end of the term a success! Ideas have included:
  • creating videos to advertise around the campus
  • pasting trails of cut outs of bug drawings around the campus
  • designed invites for VIP guests
  • use of the popular social sites ie facebook to create events

and that's only the promotion side of it! We're all busy contacting people on how to set up the runway and the music! It's all very exciting!

Besides promoting the event, I have also been involved in creating a Makeup well suited for the dress. The dress as a whole gives a powdery, mothy feel, flowing and light in colour, I designed my own fake eyelashes with hand made paper. I used normal black fake eyelashes as a base to hold the paper in shape.

Amy touched up the hair with toussled curls, fixed to one side with kirby grips.
We used talcum powder to pull the whole look together and this powder was spread all over the exposed skin areas (the legs, arm, face and also the hair).

Jenny and Patti created this amazing dress, inspired by insects, using Mudrock to mould the front shell and ridiculous metres of Muslin with moth and butterfly prints for the back design!

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